How to find the right doctor for your needs

As a patient, you want to feel supported on your health journey. You want to feel like your needs are being met, and that you can trust your doctor to provide you with the right advice.

And when you do find that doctor or GP, you just know. They make you feel comfortable; they make time for you, and support you in working through any health concerns. 

It’s all about creating a strong doctor-patient relationship, one that fosters trust, enables open communication, and delivers a more complete level of care.

We know that finding the right care provider doesn’t always feel easy, so here are some key considerations to help you determine whether or not your doctor in Bunbury is right for you.

What to look for when choosing a new doctor

Qualifications and experience

Every GP has had extensive training in order to get where they are. But you want peace of mind that they’re going to be right for you. While some people might be happy with a doctor who’s only been practising for a few years, others may prefer the wisdom that comes with advanced experience.

So when looking for a new doctor in Bunbury, or further afield, your GP is completely fine with you asking about their qualifications and relative experience to help make your decision.

Areas of special interest

A GP’s ability to provide general care is a given. But if you have more specific health needs, it’s important to identify if they understand these areas of concern. They can tell you whether or not they’re experienced in your specific needs—or if they plan to be. 

If not, they can likely recommend a specialist who focuses on what you need.


Depending on where you live, the capacity of the clinic, and the reputation of your GP, their availability can vary.

Popular doctors tend to get busy, which is a testament to the level of care they provide. But this also means it can be hard to book an appointment when you need it.

If you have reasonably relaxed health needs, it may be enough to book a regular check-up some time in advance. But if you have complex health needs, or ongoing requirements, you may be better served with a GP who has more time available. In some cases, your clinic may offer reserve slots throughout the day, which are made available for last-minute appointments.


All General Practice clinics in Australia are independent businesses, which means they’re able to set their own individual fee structures and billing methods. So if doctors’ fees are a concern for you, be sure to check what they are first, before committing to a clinic. 

If it’s not feasible for your budget, consider exploring other GP options, or alternatively, finding a clinic that offers bulk billing.

Telehealth availability

If COVID taught us anything, it’s that telehealth and video calls are crucial options when you’re unwell. So if you prefer the flexibility to reduce in-clinic wait times, eliminate travel, while still ensuring continuity of care—without having to leave the house—confirm that your doctor offers telehealth services.

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