Diving Medicals

Scuba diver in the ocean

You are required to be medically fit

In Australia, all diving students are required to be medically fit to dive, while commercial divers require an annual diving medical to maintain certification. Our doctors are certified to perform initial and renewal recreational diving medicals for:

Recreational divers 14 years and over in accordance with standards set by South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society (SPUMS)

How to book

When booking a diving medical, we ask that you give the following information to ensure that you are prepared for the examination.

Diving medicals involve a review of your medical history and an examination. This involves a brief appointment with one of our practice nurses followed by an appointment with the doctor.

Additional testing

Additional tests may be required depending on your age and the regulatory requirements. These tests may include: spirometry (breathing test), ECG and audiometry (hearing test).

Brecken Health has the facilities to perform these at our clinic. Any other required tests can also be organised by referral to external providers.

How much does it cost?

A fee is payable for all diving medicals. There may be additional costs if special tests and examinations are required. This is not claimable on Medicare.