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Make your next holiday a happy and healthy one

Taking a holiday is an exciting time. But whether you’re travelling down south, up north, across the country, or jumping on a plane to somewhere a little more exotic—the new Busselton airport certainly makes that easier—it’s important to be prepared.

At Brecken Bunbury, we can help you look after your health before you go at our Travel Clinic.

Our Travel Clinic provides relevant healthcare services to make sure you look after your travel needs, and help you get the most out of your holiday.

Our Travel Clinic services include:

  • Pre travel checks. Reduce your risk of illness with our pre travel checks and personalised support to best manage your health overseas. This includes a full medical history being taken and specific individualised advice for the areas you plan on travelling to.
  • Travel vaccination. Give yourself the best chance of avoiding illness on your trip. We can advise when vaccinations may be necessary, and provide the right travel vaccination to help protect against diseases you may encounter, or even as a routine health measure. In some cases, travel vaccinations may be required over a course of weeks to months, so be sure to speak with your GP in advance to ensure you get the necessary vaccination program.
  • Prescription medications. You don’t want to run out of your prescription medication when you’re on holiday. So speak with your GP when you’re planning your trip, and we can ensure you have everything you need when it’s time to go.
  • Malaria protection. Malaria can be a complicated disease, so if you’re travelling to any country where malaria is a problem, it’s best to protect yourself. We can provide you with anti-malarial medicine to help support treatment of malaria if it occurs.
  • Gastro protection. You don’t want a bout of gastro ruining your holiday. We can also provide medication to help fight gastro when it crops up.
  • First aid kits. If you’re worried about injuries, we can help there too. We provide travel first aid kits to help attend to any minor injuries or problems, so you can feel safer getting out and about.

Take off with peace of mind

You want to enjoy your holiday—and we want you to as well. So before you go, get in touch with us and book a visit to our Travel Clinic. Our GPs can help you get your health needs sorted before you go, so you can get away with peace of mind.

For additional support and guidance on the potential health risks in foreign countries visit

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