Arjan Ruba


Arjan Ruba, an Accredited Exercise Scientist (AES) and Accredited Clinical Exercise Physiologist (AEP), holds a Masters degree from the University of Western Australia. Arjan has a strong interest in musculoskeletal, pulmonary, and cardiovascular health and is an avid sports player and fitness enthusiast, with a passion for golf, tennis, rugby, netball, and gym workouts. In addition to his professional career, Arjan is an entrepreneur and the founder of the activewear company, Rubafit. As a certified Personal Trainer, Arjan combines education and hands-on experience to provide clients with customised exercise programs and guidance. He is dedicated to helping individuals improve their physical and mental well-being and is constantly seeking new knowledge and techniques to enhance his skills.

When not working, Arjan enjoys being outdoors and trying healthy recipes. Through his work, Arjan aims to inspire and motivate others to live their best lives and is committed to promoting health and wellness.